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Doha Joy Riders

How was your weekend fellas?

Over the weekend, Doha Joy Rides had their first Joy Ride at the Aspire cycle track. The goal of this group is to get people outdoors and on their bikes, smiling and socializing without any sort of tight fitting gear.
Since the group is all inclusive, families were welcome to attend and you got to see kiddies cycling along with adults-bringing joy to all.
The ride started at 9 am and including a short break, riders were packed and set to go just around 10 am. Head down to their instagram page to view images and to the twitter page for tweets related to their first Joy Ride.

Two of our team members are also a part of the Doha Joy Riders team, can you spot them in the picture?

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Sounds Of Doha

Draw your favourite piece of music

Yes draw, not write.

We’ve teamed up with #LearningFest14 to bring you a truly creative challenge.

Artist Yuri Suzuki will be demonstrating how colour creates different sounds. Then it’s up to you to compose music that makes our hearts sing (and not our ears bleed).

It’s going to be a blast (get it?).

Please note: no instruments are required.

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The Ramadan Cannon

Recently, I went to see the decades old tradition of using the cannon to signal the end of the fasting day. With a maximum of 3 days left of Ramadan, there is limited time to view this tradition. You’ll get to see that it is a family affair with photo opportunities aplenty until almost the last minute. Do bring in something to consume at the firing of the cannon. Break your fast, pray at the state mosque and drive to enjoy an iftar meal afterwards. The area has lots of restaurants within a 5 minute drive.

For those of you who aren’t fasting, you’re more than welcome to witness too as this isn’t restricted to be a Muslim only affair.

Where: State mosque parking lot.
When: Throughout Ramadan.

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We are Qatar Dinner

Fundraise while you feast 

Online communities are ever increasing, yet our lives have become ever so busy we rarely get the time to think about ourselves, let alone think about the underprivileged or the unfortunate. 

With Ramadan fast approaching, we want to start early by creating the mood for bringing the community together and share our good fortune.  

That’s why @Weareqatar and DohaTweetups are partnering with Hotel K108 to bring you a charity dinner.  


Why K108?

 K108 donates all of its profits to charity and it goes without say that the profits from this event will also be treated accordingly. 

Join us for a good cause, great food and have a chance to share your ideas with the community.  

It’s happening this Thursday and it’s just QAR 150.

See you there.

*K108 supports ROTA and PCRF Qatar
** Valet parking is available but hotel parking is limited.

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Damien Hirst Tweetup

Calling all artists! If you want to win the Damien Hirst challenge, then this is the event for you! Doha Tweetups in collaboration with Qatar Museum Authority (QMA) is holding a Tweetup that will focus entirely on Damien Hirst and specifically on his RELICS exhibition. If you haven’t registered already for the challenge make sure you do on this link: 
Not only will registration enable you to enter and possibly win the challenge but you also have access to an exclusive artistic event. Attendees will be given a private guided tour, an information session with the judges. So who’s dying to come?

Event Information:
The Tweetup will be 2 hours long: 1st hour will consist of an exclusive tour of the exhibition by Jean Paul Engelen - Director of the Public Art Programs; followed by a talk by Khalid Al Baih after the tour. The 2nd hour will consist of an explanation of the competition and a Q&A session with refreshments at the Pharmacy Café with Caitlin Doherty - Exhibitions and Speaker Curator at VCUQatar.

Tweet us a response to the following question at @Dohatweetups to get the password to register
What does Hirst's diamond skull - For the Love of God - say about life and death? 

Invites will go out to 60 people only so get creative with your answers!





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